Nature contains several canvases with culture and color. Growing
in such this kinda mood has had a big impact on my career. Here I am
Rakibul Alam Khan . I was brought up in a family with a great era of art and traditions around. That taught me to see colors in people’s smile
and their moves. I always love to spend my work time with people
of several communities, either socially recognized or not.

Photography in my sense is a great part to preserve time through
our life journey.A growing up in a small locality with vast
variations, I feel it’s my responsibility to preserve the time and
express it in my way. Every day I start my journey to meet new
people, to meet a new genre of community, and search for the natural
smile we have as a country. A human being contains the flow of
own family with cultural influences. It’s a responsibility to keep
them alive. I love to be a part of people’s emotions and their
unconditional love. I believe “Medium is not prior, love is most.”

What I do

Film Making

Newspapers and magazines. The names of Newspapers and magazines given below:

• The Business Standard,
• The Guardian,
• Grain Magazine ,
• Chizz Magazine(10 Times ),
• view bug,
• The fleeting Moments Magazine,
• Photographic Mercadillo,
• National Geographic (2 times daily Dozen ) ,
• Velvet ,
• Fido etc.

Award :

• Winner in the Silent City photo contest In Greece
• Winner in WPS Photo Exhibition in New Zealand
• Runner up in the 2020 Gwachean Bio Art international Contest in Korea
• Winner in Brisbane Photo Exhibition in Australia
• Special Mention for best Artistic Expression award In the Italian obbiettivo Sollidarieta Competition
• Honorable Mention award in Germany
• Finalist in New York Photo Exhibition
• Runner up in Group Exhibition In Italy Rome City
• Finalist at the Chizz Cityscape Photography Competition
• Winner (Street Category) in Finland Photo Exhibition
• 2nd Runner up in Different Image of Men 2020 by Action Aid Bangladesh
• Top 5 in Belgrade Photo Month Photo Competition
• Finalist In SIENA DRONE Award
• Finalist in Jeju Drone Festival
• Gold Winner In New York Photography Award

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